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 SKG Hierarchy

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PostSubject: SKG Hierarchy   Wed Sep 10, 2008 8:29 pm

Will be updated and expanded soon...
last update on 9/19/08

Vanguard (XV):
Comprised of the founding members and any SKG member who has served excellently as a Section Leader, then as a District Leader; by showing outstanding leadership abilities and going above and beyond their peers to benefit the community. Vanguard Duties include running the community and it's website, creating and updating the rules and code of conduct, expanding and improving the community in any way possible, helping guide and inform any member who is in need of our assistance, promoting members to the ranks of Section Leader, Division Leader, and then Vanguard when appropriate, and resolving any major problems or issuing appropriate disciplinary actions when needed.

Division Leader (XD):
The right hand of the Vanguards, Division Leaders are members of the community who have shown they were ready for the position by serving exceptionally as a Section Leader and by contributing greatly to the community in any number of ways. Division Leaders oversee up to two Sections of 189 members each (not including theirself). Division Leaders are responsible for attending Leadership meetings, overseeing their division and its sections, updating the Community Roster, completing any tasks assigned to them by the Vanguards, and Moderating the forums.

Section Leader (XS):
Section Leaders oversee one of two sections of up to 4 battalions and 188 members. Section Leaders are members who have proven their worth through dedication and hard work that comes with being a general. Section Leaders are responsible for attending Leadership meetins, overseeing all battalions in their jurisdiction, making sure the Generals in their command are performing their duties and updating battalion lists on time, and moderating the forums. To become a Section Leader, Generals must exhibit a advanced knowledge of the community and all its workings, must have a relatively clean disciplinary record, and must have proven they were a great General by keeping all aspects of their battalion up to date and active.

General (Gen):
Oversees 1 of four battalions in a section. A General is responsible for attening leadership meetings and relaying any news and information to their battalion, holding weekly battalion meetings and updating the Battalion list, managing the battalion tag, issuing promotions/demotions as needed, making sure the captains hold weekly company meetings and update the company lists, and that all members have the correct information in their motto/bio and are registered/active on the forums. To become a General, Colonels must be able to show they can handle the workload associated with being a General and that they have an in depth knowledge of the community and it's inner workings.

Colonel (Col):
Colonels are the right hand of the Generals. They oversee 1 to 2 of the companies in a battalion. Colonels must be capable of completing any task delegated to them by their General and provide help when needed. To be a Colonel a member must have been a Captain in good standing in the community and have a general knowledge of the community as a whole.

Captain (Cpt):
Captains are members who have shown the most potential. They have proven themselves ready for the small yet all the important leadership position that comes with the rank. Captains are helpful to all members who they oversee or not, and are active more than others. Captains oversee one company and must hold weekly company meetings and update their lists. Captains must train their Lieutenants to the best of their ability and be willing to go above and beyond to help their Colonels and Generals they are ready to succeed.

Lieutenant (Lt):
The right hand of the Captains, Lieutenant's have shown great potential through their dedication to being active on both the forums and xbox live. Lieutenants have a general understanding and knowledge of the community and have helped the community grow by recruiting and completing the tasks given to them by their Captain.

Sergeant (Sgt):
A member of the community who has shown potential, by being more active than some of their peers, attending all the meetings, recruiting new members, and showing a good attitude. Sergeants share all the same duties of a private.

Private (Pvt):
The lowest rank in the SKG Hierarchy. privates are assigned to one of 4 companies in a battalion. A private's duties include attending the weekly company and battalion meetings (both mandatory), being active on XBL and on the forums (by posting), adding their battalion's gamertag to their friends list and recruiting new members. Remember all recruits must be approved first by a Captain or higher.

Recruit (Rec):
Not yet considered a member of the SKG community. Recruits have no rights or duties other than to appropriately change the information located in their gamertag's motto and bio, add their battalion's gamertag (if recruited by a member), and to register and post a minimum of 2 times before they can be promoted to private after a minimum of 3 days.
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SKG Hierarchy
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