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 How to join SKG

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SKG Faust

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PostSubject: How to join SKG   Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:20 pm

This thread is for anyone who has not been recruited to a specific battalion, but would like to join the community.

New recruits who have been recruited by a specific battalion should search for their battalion in the battalion list here and post in the appropriate new recruit thread.

Again this thread in specific is for anyone who wants to join SKG but has not been recruited by any specific battalion. In order for consideration you must provide all of the following information to the best of your ability, and nothing else

XBL gamertag:
Game most played:
Did you read the Heirarchy, Rules, and the Code of Conduct?:

XBL gamertag: SKG Faust XV
Name: Anthony
Age: 18
Game most played: Halo3/COD4
Did you read the Hierarchy, Rules, and Code of Conduct?: yes

Also please keep your post limited to the information needed above, if you wish to go into detail about yourself then follow this link to the introductions thread.
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How to join SKG
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