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 A Breakdown of SKG

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PostSubject: A Breakdown of SKG   Wed Sep 17, 2008 8:51 pm

So you've read the Hierarchy, Rules, Code and Conduct, and Mission Statement, but you want to know more about the layout of the community? Well this post is for you! This post will explain the breakdown of the SKG community into its parts and give you the lowdown on the number of members per part. I'll update this thread if anything changes but this information is official as of 9/16/08

The community is broken down into four main parts...


In numerical terms, there are...

4 companies per battalion
4 battalions per section
2 sections per division

furthermore, there are...

11 members per company
includes 1 Captain, 1-3 Lieutenants, 1 or more Sergeants, and 1 or more Privates
47 members per battalion
Includes 1 - 2 Colonels, and 1 General
189 members per section
includes 1 Section Leader
379 members per division
includes 1 Division Leader

I hope this thread was useful.
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A Breakdown of SKG
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